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About Sgeits

SGEITS, Society of Geological Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (in Serbian: Društvo geoloških inženjera i tehničara Srbije; acronym DGEITS) is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit, professional-scientific, organization of geological engineers and technicians in the Republic of Serbia, founded based on free association.
SGEITS is open to cooperation with other professionals - scientific, commercial, and other organizations, based on mutual recognition, mutual respect, and independence in work.
SGEITS is organized to realize the aims and tasks of mutual and general purpose and interest.


Geological hazards and damage to the enviroment: What after cyclone Tamara

Serbia and the countries in the region — BiH and Croatia, were hit in the previous days by the strong cyclone Tamara, causing catastrophic floods and large and numerous soil instabilities, causing human casualties and enormous damages and problems in the environment. In Serbia, the great involvement of the Government, local authorities and the entire society prevented the damages from being even greater. A large part of these damages were caused by the occurrence of geological elements, i.e. the activation of landslides, landslides and other ground instability.

Draft Law on Geological Research and Mining

During the previous Government, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning (MPRRPP) initiated the adoption of a new law on geology and mining, called the Law on Geological Research and Mining. MPRRPP prepared the Draft Law and organized two public hearings and planned to hold another public hearing that was not held due to the parliamentary elections.

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