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Statute of SGEITS


Article 1
Society of Geological Engineers and Technicians of Serbia - Društvo geoloških inženjera i tehničara Srbije (hereinafter: SGЕITS) is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit, professional - scientific, organization of geological engineers and technicians in the Republic of Serbia, founded on the basis of free associating and open for cooperation with other professional - scientific, commercial and other organizations, on the basis of mutual recognition, mutual respect and independence in work, organized for the purpose of realization of the aims and tasks of mutual and general purpose and interest, which are not forbidden by Constitution and Law.

Article 2
The full title of the organization is: Društvo geoloških inženjera i tehničara Srbije = Society of Geological Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, and the abbreviated title is: SGЕITS.
The SGЕITS has its mark. The mark is “dgeits”, in which the letters „it“ are blue in color and represent stylized initials of the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (UETS): dgeits. The SGEITS's headquarters is in Belgrade, at the address: Kneza Miloša 9/IV.

Article 3
The SGEITS has capacity of a legal person and rights and obligations in accordance with the Constitution, Law and this Statute. The SGEITS has a round seal and a rectangular mark. The title of the seal's circle is: Society of Geological Engineers and Technicians of Serbia Belgrade, and within the circle it is a special mark of SGEITS - two crossed geological hammers and needle of the compass. The text is written in Cyrillic script.

Article 4
The SGEITS is liable with its property for obligations, which have originated from its activity.

Article 5
The SGEITS may join other similar domestic and international organizations, or permanently or temporarily associate with appropriate scientific, expert and other organizations, which are realizing certain purposes of SGEITS.
The SGEITS’s organizations under Article 33 of this Statute may, with the approval of the Steering Board, to affiliate with other related national and international organizations.
The SGEITS is a collective member of the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (hereinafter: UЕTS) and accepts the Statute and Ethical Codex of UETS.
SGEITS and all its organization parts in their documents, journals, publications etc. will point out that SGEITS is a member of SITS and will use its stylized mark “IT”.

Article 6
The SGEITS is represented by the President of SGEITS. 



Article 7
1. Areas of work
SGEITS shall be incorporated for an indefinite time period to achieve the goals and tasks related to professional associations in the field of geology and application of geology in the technology, environmental protection and other segments of life and work as well as to improve the engineering profession and application of professional knowledge, standards and contents in the industry.

Article 8
2. Aims and objectives of SGEITS are:
- Assembling and organizing of geological engineers and technicians of Serbia for the purpose of fulfilling of their interest, increase of their expert knowledge, providing appropriate status in the community, on the basis of their contribution to the, scientific-technological and economic and development in general of Republic of Serbia;
- Joining, strengthening and massification of geological engineering-technicians' organizations of Serbia, development of mutual cooperation as well as the cooperation with appropriate international organizations of engineers and technicians;
- Development of all kinds of mutual cooperation with SAE Serbian Academy of Engineering whose founder is UETS , as well as with the other academies and Serbian Chamber of Engineers;
- Providing help to geological engineers and technicians in scientific, expert improvement and organization of appropriate forms of permanent education;
- Monitoring contemporary development of engineering and technology and pointing out the currents of events and changes in this area and providing opinions on optimality of engineering and technological solutions in industry, investment and other enterprises;
- Caring for and development of ethics of engineering-technician profession, human rights and liberties;
- Stimulating, organization of scientific-professional meetings, and publishing of scientific and expert papers, magazines and other publications of interest for geological engineering-technician organization and technical intelligence;
- Work on technical regulations in the area of geology (laws, regulations and standards), providing its modernity, adequacy, actuality and functionality;
- Consideration and providing expert opinions on plans, programs, analysis and other acts, which are important for the development of engineering, technology and production in the Republic of Serbia;
- Organization and maintenance of specialist`s exams in accordance with the Law;
- Stimulating and helping the activities and initiatives, aiming to preserve the human environment and spatial planning, saving and rationalization of spending of all sorts of energy;
- Cooperation with appropriate expert, commercial and other organizations and organs at the realization of tasks of mutual interest;



Article 9
- The SGEITS is realizing its aims and tasks independently and directly and in cooperation with its members, professional and multidisciplinary associations organized at the republican level, provincial, regional and municipal associations and in cooperation with UETS and its members.

Article 10
For the purpose of realization of aims and objectives, established by this Statute, the SGEITS may carry out the following economic and other activities:
9412 – Activities of professional membership organizations (professional organization in technical filed including association of experts engaged in scientific activities).

Article 11
The activity from Article 10 of this Statute can be realized with members and other legal and physical persons.
The SGEITS activities and jobs are developed through the professional work (expert service, experts, authors' work etc.) and voluntary work.



Article 12
The members of SGEIST are equal in their rights, obligations and responsibilities.
The membership with SGEITS is:
- individual - individual members (members);
- corporative - legal subjects.

1. Individual membership - individual members

Article 13
The individual members of SGEITS may be: regular, extraordinary, honorary and meritorious.

Article 14
The regular members are: geological graduate engineers, engineers and technicians

Article 15
The extraordinary members of SGEITS may be: the students of engineering and science and individuals from other areas, who are actively collaborating on the realization of aims and objectives of SGEITS.

Article 16
The members are joining SGEITS on a basis of personal wish.

Article 17
The status of member of SGEITS is acquired by signing the membership form. The member is accepting the provisions of the Statute and the Ethical Codex of Union of Engineers and Technicians by signing the membership form.

Article 18
The members pay the annual fee. The amount of the annual membership fee determined by the Steering Board of SGEITS.

Article 19
The members are getting membership card, which is unified for the entire engineering-technicians' organization of Serbia. The membership card, beside the mark "IT" and title of Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, contains a full title of SGEITS, personal data of the member, as well as a column for inscription of paid subscription.

Article 20
The rights of members are:
- to broaden and improve their expert knowledge through the activities of SGEITS;
- to participate in working, expert and other activities of SGEITS and to provide their expert and other contribution;
- to have insight in the work, to give opinion on work and to propose the measures for better and more contemporary operation of the organization;
- to be elected into the organs and bodies of SGEITS;
- to demand and enjoy the protection of their rights;
- to use the benefits, this can be provided by SGEITS and UETS;       
- behind their name and title written: "Member of SGEITS".

Article 21
The duties of members are:
- to work on realization of aims and objectives of SGEITS;          
- to improve and develop the geological and engineering science, to care for the mutual work on improvement of expert exchange of experience and general technical progress; - to respect the provisions of Statute and other organization's acts of SGEITS and UETS;
- to respect the Ethical Codex of UETS and decisions made by Court of Honour of SGEITS;
- to implement the decisions and conclusions of the SGEITS and UETS;
- to participate in working and expert activities of the SGEITS and UETS;
- to regularly pay their membership fee.
The special rights and duties of members are established by this Statute, by the Statute of UETS and other acts and decisions of Steering Committee of SGEITS.

Article 22
Privileges enjoyed by members SGEITS are:
- Purchasing all publications issued by SGEITS at a discount price;
- Payment of fees for professional meetings and other events organized by SGEITS, at a discount price;
- Other benefits determined by the Steering Board of SGEITS.
Way of realization of benefits and their amount determined by the Steering Board of SGEITS.

Article 23
SGEITS membership is terminated:
- by withdrawal from membership on the basis of a unilateral written statement by member;
- by exclusion from membership on the basis of decision of the Steering Board of SGEITS upon determination that the member does not comply with the obligations established by this statute and the decisions of the competent authorities of SGEITS.

Article 24
SGEITS and the member whose membership is terminated shall, within one month of the termination of membership, regulate the mutual obligations created by the termination of membership.

Article 25
The election for honorary member is an acknowledgment to individuals, engineers and technicians and other persons out of technical field of specialization, which have distinguished themselves in the profession, in the economic and scientific development of Republic of Serbia and the SGEITS.

Article 26
A regular or extraordinary member of the SGEITS may be elected for a meritorious member due to his long-term active engagement, work and contribution in realization of aims and tasks of the SGEITS.  

Article 27
The SGEITS Assembly is proclaiming the honorary and meritorious members.

Article 28
The conditions and way of proclamation of honorary and meritorious members, as well as granting of other awards shall be regulated by a special Book of Regulations, adopted by SGEITS Assembly.

2. Corporative members

Article 29
The corporative members of the SGIETS may be the legal persons (companies, institutions, associations etc), who express their wish and need to realize the aims and objectives of mutual interest, as well as to provide material contribution to the activities and operation of the SGEITS and its members.
The mutual rights and obligations with collective members shall be regulated by a special agreement.



Article 30.
SGEITS is represented by the president elected by the General Assembly for a term of four years with the possibility of re-election.
The President shall represent SGEITS and sign all documents, correspondence and financial records in the event of his absence or inability to perform these tasks Vice President.
The President of SGEITS be partially transferred its authority to the secretary or one of the members of the Steering Board upon written authorization.
The President or a person authorized by him is responsible for the legality of the use of property and assets of SGEITS.
The President may be removed or dismissed during the term of office at his own request or in the event of not fulfilling its obligations under the Law and these Statute.
The decision on dismissal brought the Assembly by a majority vote of the members present.



1. Committees and Sections

Article 31
SGEITS organizations are committees and sections for certain areas of geology. These are the basic organizational forms of SGEITS for the achievement of goals and objectives of SGEITS.
Committees and sections are organized by areas of geology for the whole of Serbia.

Article 32
- Committee for Mineral Deposits;
- Committee for Hydrogeology;
- Committee for Enginereeng Geology and Geotechnics;
- Committee for Geophysics;
- Committee for Geology and Environmental Protection;
- Committee for Regional Geology
- Committee for Informatics in Geology.
Steering Board may establish based on proposals at least 5 members other committees or sections. A SGEITS member may be a member of several committees and sections.

Article 33
The rights and obligations of the SGEITS organizations are:
- to be represented in the organs and bodies of SGEITS, through election of their representatives
- to actively work towards the goals and objectives and work program of SGEITS;
- to inform each other of activities that are planned and run;
- to give the initiative to discuss issues of common interest;
- to carry out the views, conclusions and decisions taken by the authorities and bodies of SGEITS;
- to choose their leaders;
- to use the other rights and fulfill other obligations arising from this Statute.

Article 34
The DGEITS organizations working under the rules of procedure.
Detailed regulations on the organization and operation of societies and committees; elaboration of their rights and obligations, then the provisions on the Standing Rules, relationships and relations with the bodies of SGEITS shall adopt Steering Board of SGEITS. . 



Article 35
1. Engineering Academy of Serbia (IAS)
SGEITS is interested in the existence and operation of the Engineering Academy of Serbia, whose UETS is one of founders

2. Serbian Chamber of Engineers (SCE)
Article 36
SGEITS with UETS and other members is interested in the existence, operation and effect of Serbian Chamber of Engineers, which is formed and operates in accordance with the Act, and wants to establish various forms of cooperation with SCE.

3. Union organizing
Article 37
SGEITS with UETS is interested in the existence and operation of trade union organizations, which in accordance with the law protecting the professional, social and professional interests of its members.



Article 38
Congress is a meeting of Geological Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, which considers the most important issues within the scope of work of SGEITS, economic development, science, technology and education.
Congress will be held in accordance with the capabilities and needs, a decision of the Steering Board of SGEITS.



Article 39
The SGEITS organs are:
- Assembly
- Managing Board
- Supervisory Board
- Court of Honour
- President
- Secretary

1. SGEITS Assembly

Article 40
The Assembly is the most important SGEITS organ.
The Assembly consists of all members of SGEITS.
The Assembly verifies the mandates of its members.
More members may appoint a representative to participate on behalf of them in the Assembly in which case the representative shall serve at the start of the Assembly a written authorization on representation.
The Assembly sessions can be attended by the representatives of SGEITS corporative members, without right of decision-making.

Article 41
The competence of Assembly includes:
- realization of unified policy in performance of jobs within the SGEITS competence
- adoption of SGEITS Statute and its modifications and amendments;
- discussion and adoption of report on work and operation, operational program and plan of SGETS;
- adoption of Ethical Codex of SGEITS, Regulations on operation of Court of Honour, Regulations on awards granting and Rules of Procedures of SGEITS Assembly;
- election and resoliution of members of Steering Board and Supervisory Board, Court of Honour, President and Vice-President;
- decision making on sort and outlook of awards, granted by the SGEITS and establishment of criteria for granting special awards by SGEITS as well as the proclamation of award winners
- decision making on establishment and operation of form of SGEITS activity, referred to in th Article 11. of the Statute
- confirmation of decisions, made by the Steering Board, which are within the Assembly competence, made in accordance with its authorization, between two Assembly meetings;
- decision on status changes and termination of DGEITS;
- decision on appeals and grievances of members in the second degree;
- decision on all the important issues arising from the legislation and regulations, this Statute and other general acts.
- decision on joining the alliance,
- adopts the annual financial report of SGEITS.

Article 42
The Assembly is held on the need basis, once a year, and Elective Assembly every four years.
Extraordinary session is called at least 30 days from the day of submission of the written request of at least 1/3 members of Steering Board or 1/3 members of Supervisory Board.

Article 43
The Assembly is making valid decision if more than 50% members of Assembly are present at meeting.
If a small number of members present at the scheduled time for the start of the Assembly, the Assembly is adjourned for 30 minutes, then held by the members present.
The Assembly is making valid decision by majority of votes of present members.

Article 44
An Assembly meeting is scheduled by the SGEITS President at his own initiative, on the basis of Steering Board decision. Extraordinary session is scheduled at the initiative of 1/3 1/3 members of Steering Board or 1/3 members of Supervisory Board, submitted in written form 30 days before the date of the session.

Article 45
The Rules of Procedure, adopted by the Assembly, is establishing more detailed provisions on the Assembly operation, composition and work of its members.

2. Steering Board

Article 46
The Steering Board is the body that manages SGEITS and exercise the rights and duties in accordance with the Act and this Statute.

Article 47
The Steering Board consists of 9 members. President and Vice President SGEITS are functionally the Board members, and other 7 members of the Board elected by the Assembly. 

Article 48
During the mandate, in accordance with the reasonable needs and based on the President's proposal it is possible to fill up 1/3 the Steering Board, if elected member is not active or for justifiable reasons, can not participate in its work.
The mandate of the elected members in this way the Assembly of SGEITS will verify on the next session.

Article 49
The Steering Board in accordance with their rights and duties shall:
- Ensure the implementation of the work plan and the achievement of established SGEITS goals and tasks;
- Determine the proposed annual work plan and program and the financial plan of income and expenses;
- Establish annual budget on business and a report on activities of the SGEITS Assembly;
- Prepare and convene the SGEITS Assembly;
- Propose candidates for president and vice president and board member based on of the review of proposals;
- Define and implement programs of international cooperation of SGEITS;
- Proposes the admission of new members into the SGEITS membership;
- Decide on the SGEITS recognitions and awards and propose members for the state, professional and other awards and honors;
- Make decisions on expenditure of funds for major tasks and activities that are not determined by the financial plan and is not the responsibility of the authorized SGEITS representative;
- Make decisions regarding maintenance and investment, acquisition and write-offs equipment of higher value and debt write-off;
- Appointed Chairman of the professional examinations;
- Participate in the selection of the Editorial Board of the UETS journal "Technique";
- Decides on appeals and grievances of members in the first instance;
- Adopts the annual reports of the census;
- Decide on becoming SGEITS in national and international professional and other organizations and associations;
- Adopt its rules of procedure;
- Perform other duties within the scope of the SGEITS, entrusted by the Assembly.

Article 50
The Steering Board work on the meetings which convened and chaired President of SGEITS, and in his absence Vice-President, Secretary or member of the Board authorized by the President.
Steering Board Meetings are held as needed, but at least four times a year.
Steering Board shall valid decide if the meeting is attended by more than 50% of the board and by a majority vote of the members present.
Steering Committee for its work is responsible to the SGEITS Assembly.

Article 51
In accordance with their rights and duties SGEITS authorities may establish permanent or ad hoc working groups, as auxiliary bodies.
The composition, duties and rights of the working bodies shall be determined by SGEITS authority, who establishes them .

3. Supervisory Board

Article 52
The Supervisory Board is an independent body of SGEITS.
The members of the Supervisory Board elected by the Assembly for a term of four years, and they can be re-elected.
The Supervisory Board consists of five members, which elected one of them for the President.
Meetings of the Supervisory Board SGEITS are convened and chaired by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
Members of the Steering Board of SGEITS not be members of the Supervisory Board.

Article 53
The Supervisory Board has the right and duty to control the business SGEITS, and especially to monitor the adoption and implementation of the Statute and other general acts, to monitor material and financial operations SGEITS, in accordance with applicable laws, financial plan and financial statement SGEITS, as well as dedicated and rational use of resources SGEITS.
The Supervisory Board must submit a report on its work to the Assembly, and once a year, in the final account, shall prepare a report on the financial operations of SGEITS that the Assembly and the Steering Board who shall in relation to that appropriate measures taken.

Article 54
In order to perform its duties, the Supervisory Board has the right to require of the SGEITS authority to access to documents and data that has SGEITS.
The Supervisory Board has the right to consider and give opinions on the compensation of SGEITS authority members and prompts of the user of funds received from SGEITS to present documentation and data on expenditures and determines facts that are important to business SGEITS.

Article 55
Supervisory Board at its meetings shall decide by simple majority vote of the members.
The Supervisory Board shall adopt its rules of procedure.

4. Court of Honour

Article 56
The Court of Honour composed of five members elected by the Assembly from among its members for a term of four years. Member of the Court of Honour can be re-elected.

Article 57
Court of Honour has a duty to protect the professional reputation of SGEITS. For this purpose, the Court of Honour takes action, initiates and imposes measures against any member who destroys reputation of SGEITS and its members.

Article 58
More detailed provisions on the organization and operation of the Court Honour shall be governed by the Code of Ethics and Special rules.

5. President and Vice President of SGEITS

Article 59
President and Vice President of SGEITS elected by the Assembly from among its members, on the proposal of the Steering Board. The President and Vice President are elected for a term of four years, with the possibility of re-election.

Article 60
President of SGEITS:
- Represents SGEITS;
- Monitor and influence the implementation of the work plan of SGEITS, decisions, conclusions and opinions of the Assembly, the Steering Board and the Supervisory Board;
- Preside at meetings of Assembly and the Steering Board;
- Perform other duties at the discretion of the Assembly and the Steering Board;
- Gives power of attorney to other members of the SGEITS bodies that can represent SGEITS.
For its work the President is responsible to the Assembly and the Steering Board of SGEITS.
In the absence of the President, his powers, duties and tasks performs the Vice President or a member of the Steering Board authorized by the President.

Article 61
Vice President of SGEITS replaces the President with the authority under Article 60.

6. Secretary of SGEITS

Article 62
Secretary of SGEITS is elected by the Steering Board from among its members for a term of four years. The same person may be re-appointed as Secretary of SGEITS.

Article 63
Secretary of SGEITS performs the following tasks:
- Participate in the preparation of the sessions of all organs and bodies of SGEITS;
- Ensure the execution of programs, decisions and conclusions of the Assembly, the Steering Board and Supervisory Board and other authorities and bodies, and informs them about it.



Article 64
The property is in function of the objectives of SGEITS and is used exclusively for their achievement, to generate revenue, which are used to cover operating costs and other purposes at the discretion and authority DGEITS in accordance with the needs and opportunities for normal and successful development of the business.
The Steering Board of SGEITS takes care on the property within its powers. The SGEITS Assembly decides on disposal of the property.

Article 65
The property of SGEITS may be used only for achieving the statutory objectives.
SGEITS property can not be distributed to its members or persons associated with them (related persons).
Related persons shall be persons who are determined by the law governing companies.
The provisions of paragraph 1 and 2 shall not apply to the provision of appropriate and adequate awards and compensation of eligible costs incurred by exercise statutory objectives of SGEITS (travel, per diem, accommodation, etc.)., freight contracted obligations and payment of salaries.
Disposal of Assets DGEITS contrary to the Law on Associations is worthless.

Article 66
For the execution of goals and objectives established by this Constitution, SGEITS provides income and funds from their own work, and professional and scientific educational, publishing and other activities, certain program actions, the pursuit of economic and other activities which are within the statutory goals specified in this statute, from financing of certain activities by the institutions, businesses, stakeholders and members of other entities, grants, donations, gifts (in cash or in kind), financial subsidies, legacies, interest on deposits, dividends, and other sources, the accordance with the Act and the Statute.
Activities in the area of the economy that are established in this Statute shall be registered in the Company Register and shall be performed in accordance with the regulations governing the area in which these activities are carried out.

Article 67
The SGEITS funds are established and distributed by a financial plan, which is adopted by Managing Board every year, before the end of March for the current year at latest. The results of operations are expressed in the annual balance sheet adopted by the Steering Board.

Article 68
The SGEITS may join part of its funds at the UETS level for the purpose of realization of mutual aims and tasks.
In case of undertaking of mutual actions and jobs, the way of funding and distribution of incomes are established by special agreements, like other issues in relation with the realization of actions and jobs .

Article 69
The SGEITS is liable with its property for obligations, which have originated from its activity.
SGEITS members and organs may be held personally liable for DGEITS obligations, if they use UETS property as their own and in case of it abuse for illegal purposes.

Article 70
For the execution of administrative and financial affairs DGEITS, the Steering Board may form a professional service or delegate these tasks to professional service of the UETS or any other organization.



Article 71

The work of SGEITS organs is public.

As an exception, a SGEITS organ may decide that a meeting or some its parts is held out of public.

Article 72
DGEITS may have a temporary or permanent newsletter and can issue books, manuals, monographs and other publications, which are determined by issuing the Regulations on Publishing Activities Board adopted DGEITS.
DGEITS has its own web site on which publishes all the important data, activities and information.



Article 73
SGEITS ceases operation in the cases provided by law.
The SGEITS Assembly makes the decision to dissolve SGEITS.
In the event of termination of SGEITS, all assets belonging to the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, Belgrade, Knez Milos 7a.

Article 74
About DGEITS termination in the manner provided by law and this statute, DGEITS President shall, within 15 days to inform the competent authority for cancellation.



Article 75

Geological Society of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia has the foundation of its creation, existence, tradition, work and business, the total recorded achievements, work contents, property and other values as follows:

- Historically, of first "Technicians' Society" established in Serbia on the 3 February 1868;

- Association of Serbian Engineers, established on the 7 March 1890;

- Association of Serbian Engineers and Architects, established in 1896;

- Serbian Section of Engineers within the Association of Yugoslav Engineers and Architects, between the world wars;

- Society of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, established on the 28. December 1945;

- Transformation of Society of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia into the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia in 1951;

- Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia took over the rights, duties, real and movable assets, and Expert service from the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Yugoslavia on the 27. June 2003;

- Union of Engineers of Serbia and Montenegro was merged into Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia and operations and existence of the Union of Engineers of Serbia and Montenegro are terminated on the 18 November 2005.

- Union of Geological Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (UGETS) which was established as a member of the UETS 10.02.1995.

SGEITS established 10th February as “Day of SGEITS”, the day when UGETS was founded.

Article 76
The UETS has its movable property, used in accordance with the principles of good management.

Article 77
This Statute shall come into force at the day of its adoption and shall be implemented immediately regarding the questions of internal organization, election of members of organs and leadership and their work and other SGEITS activities, except those connected with process of registrations and other contents limited by the provisions of the Law on Associations of citizens which shall be implemented from the day of authorization of the Statute in accordance with Law.

Article 78
The SGEITS general acts, which are not contrary to the provisions of this Statute, shall remain in force and the other shall be harmonized with this Statute in the term of six months from the day of its adoption.

Article 79
This Statute shell be distributed to the competent authorities in accordance with the Law on Associations of Citizens and members of SGEITS and published on the SGEITS Web site.

Article 80
This Statute of the Society of Geological Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, harmonized with the provisions of the Law on Associations of Citizens, is adopted on SGEITS Assembly session hold on May 19, 2010, in Belgrade, 7 Kneza Milosa str., Vracar, and with its adoption Satute of the Union of Geological Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, adopted on February 10, 1995. shall not be of further effect.